March 18, 2022

Canada Launches Critical New Temporary Residence Pathway to Welcome Those Fleeing The War in Ukraine

Posted by Legal Team - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Canada has been continually working to support Ukraine as it pursues sovereignty and the democratic ideals that our countries share. On March 17, 2022, Sean Fraser, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) declared the launch of the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET). The CUAET is a special, accelerated temporary residence pathway for Ukrainians seeking refuge in Canada while the war persists in their home country.

Through the CUAET, Ukrainians and their immediate family members may stay in Canada as temporary residents for up to 3 years. Applicants residing overseas must apply online for a Canadian visitor visa and give their biometrics, namely, their fingerprints and a photo. Applicants are also encouraged to apply for a 3-year open work permit concurrent to their visa application so that they will be allowed to work in Canada. More crucial to the CUAET, the IRCC has waived many of the customary requirements affiliated with a normal visitor visa or work permit. The Government of Canada is also asking of employers who wish to support Ukrainians with employment to register their offers on Job Bank’s Jobs for Ukraine webpage.

Additionally, elementary and high school students are able to register for school and start attending immediately upon their arrival in Canada, and those who want to study at the post-secondary level can apply for a study permit after they have entered the country. Applicants who do not possess a valid passport may still apply, and the IRCC will authorize a single journey travel document on a case-by-case basis if applicable.

These measures are notably beneficial to Ukrainian workers, students and visitors and their family members who are already situated in Canada. They can apply to extend their visitor status or work permit for 3 years, apply for a new work or study permit, or extend their preexisting permit. In response, all extension and work or study permit application fees will be waived by the IRCC.

The Canadian federal department that facilitates the arrival of refugees to Canada acknowledge the burden placed on applicants during his time, and for that reason, they have decided to waive all application fees for these programs.

At present, the Government of Canada have begun to fast-track applications with priority, and waive any application and processing fees to assist Ukrainians and their families. The operational capacity in the region has been expanded owing to the anticipation of an increased volume of requests . To promote the continuity of service for Ukrainians, they are also adjusting operations in offices across the global network.

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Ukrainians and their family members are exempt from the vaccination entry requirements. Nonetheless, they are still required to meet all other public health requirements for travel, including that of quarantine and testing. All travelers to Canada must also use ArriveCAN, with limited exceptions.

As expounded above, the CUAET and Job Bank are contributing tremendously to the Government of Canada’s efforts in welcoming Ukrainians whom are escaping Vladamir Putin’s brutal invasion. Ukrainians continue to demonstrate their courage, and Canada is firm in its allegiance to provide support to Ukraine.