April 1, 2016

The Reality of Refusals: Challenging Denied Immigration Visa Applications

Posted by Mario Bellissimo - Bellissimo Law Group PC

A refused immigration application can be devastating to applicants and their families. Often, a negative immigration decision follows years of waiting. Applicants quickly ask themselves: did I make a mistake? Did Immigration Canada make a mistake in denying me and my family a visa?  How can I fight the negative visa refusal? Here is what to expect regarding the first steps:

1. Find immigration lawyers that deal with your type of case. This is very important because the more experience they have, the better positioned they are to represent you and make the process easier for you.

2. Next, you need to gather copies of your application, and any letters that have been sent to you by Immigration Canada or that you sent to them during the processing. If you do not have all the copies, an immigration lawyer may be able to assist.

3. Act quickly as deadlines to fight the negative immigration visa decision could be as short as 15 days!

4. At the first immigration consultation, your entire Canadian immigration case will be discussed and you will be given details on timelines, likelihood of success, costs and your role in the process.

5. As Toronto immigration lawyers, we see hundreds of clients from all over the world – in person, by phone and by Skype and the good news is that not every immigration and citizenship case goes to a hearing. Many cases settle and this is not widely known in immigration cases. Also, if the case goes to Federal Court, your evidence is given by affidavit and not by testifying before a judge.

So, before accepting that immigration visa refusal, make sure a mistake was not made. We see citizenship, immigration and refugee applicants every week and although you have heard it before, help really is a phone call or e-mail away.

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