August 8, 2012

Jason Kenney Addressed by Lawyers Fearing his Involvment with Conrad Black’s Application

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Multiple lawyers have become responsive by addressing their concerns regarding accusations of Minister Jason Kenney’s involvement with granting Conrad Black a permit to live in Canada after serving his jail sentence in the United States of America. They are addressing their concerns via an open letter to the Minister. Their claim is that Mr. Black would not have been granted his temporary resident permit to live in Canada without any assistance from Kenney. Conrad Black renounced his Canadian citizenship and served his jail sentence in the United States for obstruction of justice.

Minister Kenny denies any involvement with processing the file, and same for his staff, having stated that the decision was made by independent public servants, based on Canadian law.

Guidy Mamann was one of the first lawyers who initially expressed doubt about the minister and whether or not he was involved with the decision granted for Mr. Black, and in return had a complaint filed against him. The complaint was filed by Kasra Nejatian, director of strategic planning for the minister, and was dismissed in July by the Law Society of Upper Canada, who saw that Mr. Mamann had done nothing wrong.