March 15, 2016

Making March Break Count!

Posted by Fabiola Arevalo - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Close your books, put down your backpacks, and zip up those lunch bags –March break is here! This week, kids from across the country are getting some well-deserved time off. Of course, no school means an opportunity for some fun. So if you’re wondering what to do to keep the little ones busy, here are some ideas:

Take a Trip to the Toronto Zoo: To check out what’s old and what’s new, head over to the Toronto Zoo. Starting March 12, baby animals will be visible to the public, including the panda bear cubs, white lion cub, polar bear cub, and rhino calf. For more information and times, please click here.

Check Out the Caves: Head out of the city and explore some exhilarating scenery. Collingwood has plenty of activities to offer, including in and around the caves. The Scenic Caves Nordic Centre will set you up with whatever you’re in the mood for –snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and warming up by the bonfire. Click here for details.

Get Creative with Cooking: Enrol the kids in a cooking class, and they will pick up the skill in no time. Who knows, maybe by the time March Break comes to an end, the roles will reverse and they will be making you lunch! The Chef Upstairs has classes for kids of all ages, see details and times here.

What will you be getting up to this March Break? Tweet us @bellissimolaw with your fun-filled ideas.