August 28, 2017

Online Matching Services: Not Just for Dating Anymore

Posted by Legal Team - Bellissimo Law Group PC

ESDC has announced the requirement of a new “Job Match” service for all employers who wish to use the LMIA application system to recruit foreign workers to Canada. The traditional advertising requirements have also become more stringent. These changes effecting both the high-wage and low-wage Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) applications took effect today – 28 August 2017.

Much like dating sites, the new Job Match service will provide employers with a list of prospective job seekers who match the skills and requirements outlined in an employers’ job posting. These candidates are rated using a 5-star system; the greater compatibility between a candidate’s profile and the job requirements listed on an employer’s job posting, the greater their star rating. Employers hoping to hire foreign workers in the high-wage streams will now be required to invite job seekers rated 4 stars or more to apply for the advertised position, while those hiring in low-wage streams will be required to invite candidates who hold a 2 star rating or more. Invitations will be mandatory for all candidates matched with the position within the first 30 days of the job advertisement.

All positions will also now be required to be posted on the National Job Bank (versus their territorial counterparts). Further, for low-wage stream applications, employers will also now have to target at least two underrepresented groups (such as Indigenous persons, youth, new immigrants, and persons with disabilities) versus the one required previously.

For more information on LMIA, please click here.