March 27, 2024

Ontario Allocating International Student Applications to Support Labour Market Needs

Posted by Legal Team - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Quick Facts:

  • Date: March 27, 2024
  • Context: In response to the federal government’s cap on the number of international student study permit applications over the next two years, Ontario is taking action.
  • Objective: Prioritize public postsecondary programs that prepare graduates for in-demand jobs supporting Ontario’s labor market needs.

Key Points:

  1. Allocation Strategy:
    • 96% of permit applications will be allocated to publicly assisted colleges and universities.
    • The remaining 4% will go to Ontario’s language schools, private universities, and other institutions.
    • Career colleges will not receive any applications.
  2. Criteria for Allocation:
    • Prioritize programs in high-demand areas, including skilled trades, health human resources, STEM, hospitality, and child care.
    • Cannot exceed the institution’s 2023 permit levels.
    • Ratio of international permits cannot exceed 55% (exclusive of high-demand areas) of the institution’s 2023 first-year domestic enrolment.
    • French-language enrolment will also be prioritized.
  3. Supporting Institutions:
    • Ontario will work with colleges and universities to align their programs with labor market needs.
    • French-language skills will be emphasized as employers compete for workers.
  4. Attestation Letter Requirement:
    • Most international students seeking to study in Ontario must provide a provincial letter of attestation with their study permit application.
    • This letter ensures compliance with federal allocations.
  5. Positive Impact:
    • By attracting talented international students to critical areas of the economy, Ontario aims to strengthen its workforce and economic growth.
  6. Housing Guarantee:
    • To protect international students, the government requires publicly assisted colleges and universities to guarantee available housing options for incoming students.

Ontario recognizes the importance of international graduates in filling essential roles and contributing to the province’s prosperity. By strategically allocating study permits, Ontario aims to create a pipeline of skilled professionals ready to meet labor market demands.

For more information, visit the official news release.

Note: This blog post is a summary of the news release provided by the Ontario government.1