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Practical Tips

  1. Apply for Rehabilitation, Deemed Rehabilitation or a Pardon. In order to determine which you should apply for given your circumstances, contact our office and we will assist you.
  2. If you are not eligible to apply for rehabilitation because not enough time has passed from your conviction or commission of a criminal act, you may be able to enter Canada with a Temporary Resident Permit.
  3. If you have traffic violations or other minor violations, including juvenile convictions, you will most likely not be prohibited from entering Canada.
  4. When processing a Temporary Resident Permit or an Approval of Rehabilitation application, we will require some of the following documentation:
    1. police certificates;
    2. the Applicant’s own statement of circumstances (why they committed an offence);
    3. court records;
    4. a copy of the statute under which the Applicant was convicted and;
    5. three letters from persons of standing in the community who can vouch for the Applicant’s rehabilitation.
  5. It is not recommended you attempt to enter Canada without consulting a law firm expert in these matters. At BLG we handle hundreds of cases annually that deal with criminality – we would be pleased to assist.