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Provincial Nominee Program – Ontario

Corporate Investors
  • Make an investment of at least $3 million CAD
  • Create 5 permanent full-time jobs for Canadians or permanent residents.
  • Obtain official endorsement from another Ontario ministry at the Deputy Minister level for the investment
Individual Investor Category
  • Control, or will control, at least one-third of the equity in the business, or make a minimum $1 million investment in the business
  • Not have the option of redeeming the investment after a specified period
  • Invest the capital in the business not for the primary purpose of deriving interest, dividends or capital gains
Foreign Workers
  • Have a permanent full-time job offer for a skilled occupation
  • At least 2 years of work experience in the previous 5 years in the intended occupation
International Students
  • Obtain a permanent full-time job offer in their field of study
  • Have obtained at least two-year diploma or degree, or a one-year post grad degree
  • Have completed at least half of their studies at a publicly funded Canadian college or University