Refund Policy

Legal fees

Bellissimo Law Group PC offers its services on a “block fee” basis that is agreed upon in advance of any services being rendered and formalized with clients through the signing and acknowledging the terms of a written Retainer Agreement.

In circumstances of non-completion of work, as by my withdrawing from or discontinuing the application, the solicitor or client withdrawing services due to a breakdown in the solicitor-client relationship or conflict in the management of, or continuation of the Retainer, any refund in the Retainer will be calculated based on the stage and part of this retainer agreement which has not been completed, and where such stage of this retainer agreement which has been partially completed, the fees incurred, based on the time and hourly rate of the lawyer and other staff involved in the said stage shall be deducted from a refund. Any and all disbursements shall also be deducted from any refund of the Retainer. All fees paid to BLG PC, associated with the matter are non-refundable for work completed, and are not dependent upon the outcome of the matter.

Consultation fee

If we receive at least 48 hours cancellation notice, you are able to reschedule your consultation within 7 days, or be issued a full refund. If you do not reschedule your consultation in 7 days, or if you do not provide us with 48 hours notice of cancellation, we will be unable to guarantee that we can reschedule your consultation and you will not be issued a refund.

Our refund policy may change at any time. If we change our policy, we will post the changes on our website.