May 9, 2018

See How Many Canadian Cities Have Made the 2018 Best Student Cities List!

Posted by Fabiola Arevalo - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Three Canadian cities have made the ‘QS Best Student Cities’ list for 2018! Doesn’t come to much of a surprise considering how many students choose to study in Canada! There are 96 universities in Canada and 1.8 million students are currently enrolled. International students usually choose to study in the largest Canadian cities, which adds to the number of students a city may have. Therefore, you can expect to see Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver on the list. This list was intended to show the “best urban destinations for international students” and is produced by the QS higher education data analysis, which has ranked the cities based on affordability, employer activity, desirability, student mix, university rankings and student view.

The top 20 cities were ranked as follows:
1. London
2. Tokyo
3. Melbourne
4. Montreal
5. Paris
6. Munich
7. Berlin
8. Zurich
9. Sydney
10. Seoul
11. Vienna
12. Hong Kong
13. Toronto
13. Boston
15. Singapore
16. Edinburgh
17. Vancouver
18. New York
19. Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe
20. Taipei

To view the full list, click here.