September 30, 2015

The SNIP Program Explained – No Job or Ties to the Province Required

Posted by Legal Team - Bellissimo Law Group PC

The Government of Saskatchewan recently re-opened their International Skilled Worker Category – Occupations in-Demand sub-category under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). This program is for applicants who do not have a job offer in Saskatchewan but however, are highly skilled in an occupation that is in-demand in Saskatchewan.

The Occupations in-Demand sub-category enables SINP to nominate individuals with post-secondary education and/or high-skilled work experience that have the education, experience, language ability and other factors to help them successfully establish and integrate into Saskatchewan’s labour market and communities.

In order to qualify to apply under this category, applicants need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Score a minimum of 60 points out of a possible 100 on SINP’s point assessment grid. Similar to the Federal Skilled Worker Program, points are awarded based on the applicant’s education and training, skilled work experience, language ability, age and connection to the Saskatchewan labour market and adaptability.
  1. Have a minimum language score of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4.
  1. Completed at least a minimum of one year of post-secondary education or training which is comparable to the Canadian education system and has resulted in a degree, diploma, certificate, or a certificate equivalent to a trade certificate (that is verifiable).
  1. Have a minimum of one-year paid work experience in a high skilled occupation (NOC “0”, “A” or “B”) in the past ten years related to your field of education or training. The work experience must be considered in-demand in Saskatchewan (there are 57 eligible occupations).
  1. Have proof of settlement funds and a settlement plan.

This program is a popular provincial immigration stream as it does not require a job offer or connection to the province in order to be eligible.  The Occupations in-Demand sub-category previously opened in January, 2015, however the intake threshold filled within days. Only 1000 applications will be accepted in this new round.

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