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January 30, 2019

A Stay of Removal for Criminal Inadmissibility

Posted by - Bellissimo Law Group PC

A young man came to our office with his removal order appeal scheduled for only days later. Charged with several crimes, stemming from his involvement with a gang, our office worked over time to interview and prepare our client, his family members and his employer for the hearing. Having removal stayed, where it is based on multiple criminal charges and alleged gang involvement, is not a simple matter. At the close of the first hearing, the Board was still not convinced that our client had taken steps to turn his life around and be a good and supportive father to his children. Our office engaged in post-hearing negotiations, involving the use of DNA evidence, and were able to establish that our client would not pose future risk to Canadians and deserved this second chance.

He now lives with his partner and their children, with whom he has taken an active parental role. Without a stay of removal, it is likely that he would have had very little contact with his children in the future, and this family would have forever been ripped apart.