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March 14, 2018

Deported Refugee receives ARC and PR Visa

Posted by - Bellissimo Law Group PC

A young woman who had made a refugee claim in Canada, to be refused and deported from Canada afterwards, entered into a relationship with a Canadian man while still in the country. The couple retained our office to assist with an overseas spousal sponsorship and, if that was approved, an application for Authorisation to Return to Canada (ARC). On making a refugee claim in Canada, claimants are given a departure order; many claimants do not leave Canada within 30 days of their claim being refused and so the departure order becomes a deportation order and the individual requires ARC (special permission) to return to Canada in the future.

Our submissions explained why our client had overstayed in Canada, emphasizing her compliance with immigration authorities and her willingness to cooperate even by purchasing her own ticket to leave Canada. Her applications were accepted, and she was granted both ARC and the permanent resident visa. She will soon re-enter Canada to be reunited with her husband.