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October 25, 2017

Ontario PNP Nomination Re-Issued!

Posted by - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Our office assisted a client with respect to the re-issuance of an Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (“PNP”) nomination certificate. In October 2012, our client received a positive nomination certificate and submitted his permanent residence application before expiry. Unfortunately, his application was deemed incomplete and was unprocessed. Due to some mailing delays, our client did not receive the return of his permanent residence application package until over two years later, well past the PNP nomination certificate expiry date. The category he had been nominated under was also no longer available.

Our office assisted this client to make submissions to Ontario PNP to have his nomination certificate re-issued. Even though over two years had passed since the issuance of his original nomination certificate, the Ontario PNP office agreed to re-issue our client’s PNP certificate and he was able to re-submit his permanent residence application. His application has already passed completeness check and we expect our client to receive the approval of his permanent resident in the near future.