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January 26, 2024

Protecting Permanent Resident Status in IRCC Misrepresentation Investigation

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

We were recently successful in presenting our client’s circumstances to IRCC, who invited our client for an interview as part of IRCC’s investigation into the genuineness of our client’s marriage (based on which our client had obtained their permanent resident status in Canada). The IRCC officer, in their communication, advised that they had concerns that our client (whom we did not previously assist with any immigration matter) may have misrepresented their marital status at the time of landing in Canada, and if so determined, they would be found inadmissible to Canada. We worked extensively with our client to collect documents evidencing that their marriage to their ex-spouse was, in fact, genuine (relying on the test established by jurisprudence). Our office also presented an explanation with extensive evidence in support that some documents that one is generally expected to have were not available for reasons beyond our client’s control and despite their best efforts to collect them.

We were very happy to hear that after our written submissions and IRCC’s interview with our client, the officer decided not to take any further action against our client and their permanent resident status was not jeopardized.