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April 27, 2016

Successful Economic Immigrant Application for Permanent Residence

Posted by - Bellissimo Law Group PC

We worked with our clients over a number of many months, and they have recently had a successful conclusion of their economic immigrant application for permanent residence. The family had been in Canada on valid work permits for a number of years prior to filing their application for permanent residence. They had been working and contributing to the Canadian economy substantially in their time in Canada. If not for the disability of their young child, their application would have been routinely processed. Their child’s particular disability however lead to the need for a number of interventions beyond special education, and as such, we worked with the applicants to build a Mitigation Plan, detailing how her care would be delivered in Canada; reliving the suggested burden from the Canadian Government. This, together with the recent change in law lead to the successful completion of their application, and allowing them to settle in Canada together, permanently.