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March 16, 2020

This Week’s Success Story: From Seeking Refuge to PR Approval!

Posted by - Bellissimo Law Group PC

A couple had three beautiful children. The husband came from a traditional family, one whose customs required his daughters to be mutilated in a dangerous and painful coming-of-age ceremony. He broke from tradition for his daughter’s sake, but his superstitious family believed that the gods would punish their family with death if the husband did not give up his daughters. They threatened to hurt the couple and their children if they did not comply.

The family of five fled to Canada and filed refugee claims. In the meantime, they were model community members – excelling in school, working hard, and volunteering with the underprivileged. But after years of legal battles, their claims and appeals were denied.

That is when they came to us. With our help, the family was able to prepare and submit a quality humanitarian and compassionate application based on their establishment in Canada, their impending hardship back home, and the best interests of the innocent children. Thanks to our efforts (as well as their own!) all five of them just received their initial approval for permanent resident status in Canada!