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August 27, 2019

This Week’s Success Story: Study Permit for Son

Posted by - Bellissimo Law Group PC

We have been approached by a father who had a valid work permit for two years and was working in Canada for a few months. He wanted to bring his son from his home country, to live with him in Canada and study here.  His wife had a very lucrative business in their home country and she did not want to interrupt or put on hold her business and come to Canada. But they both agreed that their son would benefit from an education in Canada.

After reading on the internet that a child can study in Canada without a study permit until he graduates from high school, they applied for a visitor visa for the son, indicating they want him to come and be with his father and study here. The application was refused because the visitor visa exception regarding studies in Canada did not apply in this case. It would have been different if they applied for the visitor record at the same time with his father’s work permit application. As it was, they should have applied for a study permit, which they failed to do so. After going through all the documentation and ordering the notes of the visa officer who decided the case, we advised the client on the procedure to be followed. He hired our services and in a very short time, the father was reunited with his son in Canada, to the happiness of the whole family. Thus, the internet provides countless information, it is not easy to interpret correctly the sections of the law that apply in a certain case, in many instances, the “when” and “where” is very important to take into consideration.