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September 16, 2020

This Week’s Success Story: Successful Reunification of Husband and Wife!

Posted by - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Our clients found each other in difficult times. He was a grieving widower who needed help around the house. She was coming out of a difficult divorce and needed to support herself. That’s how she came to work as his housekeeper for a decade. As years passed, they kept each other company in their shared living space, sharing little kindnesses that built up over time into companionship. They would travel together and attend family events together. When the widower moved away to Canada, they realized they did not want to be apart, and married soon afterwards.

Sadly, the Canadian government was skeptical. Why would someone marry their maid? Being reserved and traditional people, the couple had a hard time explaining themselves and were dragged down even more by the language barrier. They were accused to lying and their applications to reunite were denied.

Thankfully, the couple eventually came to our firm. With the expert guidance of our legal professionals, the couple learned how to explain their story – how they had come to share a loving domestic life unintentionally – and address the cultural disconnects that had prevented them from doing so earlier. Our hard work resulted in the government deciding to settle their case on appeal, and consent to allow the couple to live together in Canada.