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Do I have to Declare My Criminal Record When I Enter Canada Even if I am Not Asked?

March 6, 2017

Mario BellissimoThis is a common question during consultations.  Or if I ask “did you declare your criminality” the common answer I receive is “they did not ask me.”  With the advent of electronic travel authorizations this may not be the surprise or under the radar issue it has to date but still worth discussing.   The Act and Regulations impose certain obligations on persons seeking to enter Canada depending on their status and reason for coming to Canada. The port of entry (‘‘POE”) is defined as the place at which a person…

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This Week’s Featured Success Story: Successful Rehabilitation Application following Legal Submissions and Interview Preparation!

November 12, 2015

Alissa MancusoOur office was retained to assist an applicant with a highly complex immigration history. Seeking to come to Canada as a member of the family class, he also required an application for criminal rehabilitation. Our office prepared detailed submissions and supporting evidence which demonstrated that this applicant maintains a stable and productive lifestyle and is not at risk of further criminality. Following review of the rehabilitation application, CIC called him in for an interview at the visa office. We worked with the applicant to prepare for this interview, which ultimately led…

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Serious Criminality & Access to the Immigration Appeal Division

December 23, 2014

adminA permanent resident, with criminal convictions, often faces the loss of his or her permanent residence status if found to be inadmissible to Canada for serious criminality. Serious criminality is distinguished by crimes for which the maximum penalty would be a sentence of at least ten years. The permanent resident is able to challenge this admissibility finding to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD). Previously, the only restriction on appealing this decision to the IAD was that the conviction, having been punished in Canada, did not attract a sentence of two…

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Conrad Black to Return to Canada?

May 1, 2012

adminConrad Black is scheduled to be released from a Federal Correctional Institution in Florida on Friday. The question on everyone’s mind is whether Lord Black will be able to return to Canada and under what circumstances, given the fact that he renounced his Canadian citizenship and has since been convicted of criminal charges. In the April 18 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that Lord Black would not be allowed to re-enter Canada without special permission of the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. The rule is that Lord Black would need…

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