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This Week’s Success Story: Successful Appeal on Medical Grounds

Family Reunited
October 12, 2017

Michelle AtkinsonAfter years of waiting, a family will now be reunited in Canada following a successful appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division. The sponsor in this case filed an application to sponsor his parents and sister to Canada. His sister was included in the application as a dependent due to her diagnosis of developmental delay. The application was refused based on a finding that his sister’s health condition would cause an excessive demand on Canadian social services. After working with our office to develop a detailed mitigation plan supported by strong…

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Newcomers Could Benefit from Mentorship Opportunities

November 18, 2014

adminA recent article posted on Canadian Immigrant states that though having friends and family in Canada is important, it is also crucial for recent immigrants to build a professional network.  The article states, “connecting with industry insiders… [through formal and informal mentorship is] an invaluable asset” to newcomers’ career development and overall settlement.  This way, newcomers could learn about industry trends and culture, as well as professional opportunities.  In addition, this allows them to meet new people, alleviate any fears and anxieties, develop a sense of belonging, and enjoy living…

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Tips for New Immigrant Students in Canada

October 10, 2014

adminOctober is a busy and challenging month for many students.  With mid-term work and adjustment to new classes and/ or school environments, it can be a stressful time.  For immigrants who are either attending school in Canada for the first time or have not yet fully settled, the experience can be both exciting and uncertain.  Immigrants who are still learning either English or French – the two official languages in Canada – and have yet to develop their social networks may benefit from support programs and services geared specifically to…

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Attractive Canadian Cities: Where Do Newcomers Want To Live?

Close-up of a beautiful Asian family looking at the camera. 
September 29, 2014

Melissa PallarcaIn our everyday lives, we experience our city and its surroundings at a more intimate level than we do with Canada as a whole. This is an important variable for all Canadians and newcomers alike to take into consideration when choosing where to settle and start anew. The Conference Board of Canada recently released a report, entitled City Magnets III: Benchmarking the Attractiveness of 50 Canadian Cities, that outlines what Canadian cities are appealing to skilled workers and newcomers. According to Alan Arcand, Associate Director at the Centre for Municipal Studies, “attracting skilled…

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