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This Month’s Featured Success Stories!


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Posted by: Alissa Mancuso

Bellissimo Law Group has the privilege of working on behalf of many wonderful people, companies, and associations.

Our clients often tell us after their case was concluded that it would have been helpful to read about stories similar to theirs. So, here are this month’s featured success stories!


Creating EXPRESS Results

Our office assisted a client submit his permanent residence application under the Canadian Experience Class – Express Entry stream in August 2015.  Within less than a two month period his permanent residence application was approved and a request for his original passport was made. His original passport has been submitted to CIC and we expect our client to be landed in the near future.

Positive Decision – Criminal Rehabilitation Application

Last week our office received a positive decision on a very challenging application for criminal rehabilitation. The applicant hopes to one day be sponsored to Canada to join his wife and sons who are Canadian citizens. However, a criminal act he committed decades ago rendered him criminally inadmissible to Canada. The first step in reuniting this family was to convince Citizenship and Immigration Canada that he is rehabilitated, thereby overcoming his inadmissibility. Although it was a challenging application to prepare, as his immigration history is complex and spans many years, we were ultimately successful and could not be happier for this family.

Federal Court Upholds Grant of Citizenship

Earlier this year a young woman’s citizenship application was approved by a Citizenship Judge. Instead of being called to take the Citizenship Oath, she was notified that Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) did not agree with the decision, and were seeking to have the Citizenship Judge’s decision overturned by the Federal Court. CIC argued that they had not seen the woman’s complete passports, and so were unable to confirm whether she had been in Canada as and when declared.

The woman explained that she had brought her passports to meet with the Citizenship Judge, and that he had reviewed the documents. Our office reviewed the complete passports; there was nothing inconsistent with what she had declared. We argued that the Citizenship Judge, and not CIC, was responsible for making the decision. The Citizenship Judge had the information required to make that decision and did not have any concerns with the woman’s credibility. The Federal Court agreed with our arguments, meaning that the young woman will be called for the Citizenship Oath and will become a citizen of Canada.

Work Permit Approved!

On-line application for work permit was refused alleging that the proper processing fee (open work permit holder fee of $100) was not paid. We requested a reconsideration as the fee was paid. We just received a positive decision on the application and the work permit was back dated.


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