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This Month’s Featured Success Stories!

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Posted by: Alissa Mancuso

Bellissimo Law Group has the privilege of working on behalf of many wonderful people, companies, and associations.

Our clients often tell us after their case was concluded that it would have been helpful to read about stories similar to theirs. So, here are this month’s featured success stories!

Express Federal Skilled Worker Results!

Our office was approached by a young professional to manage his permanent residence application under the Express Entry system. He had extensive work and travel history.  He also held complicated financial records, which were required to prove his ability to become financially settled in Canada. We worked diligently to complete and submit his permanent residence application pursuant to the Express Entry category – Federal Skilled Worker Program within a one month period.  His application was therefore submitted well within the 60 day deadline provided to our client by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Only four months after submission, we received a request for original passport for CIC to place his permanent resident visa inside. His original passport will be submitted to CIC and we expect our client to become landed in the near future.

Successful Rehabilitation Application following Legal Submissions and Interview Preparation!

Our office was retained to assist an applicant with a highly complex immigration history. Seeking to come to Canada as a member of the family class, he also required an application for criminal rehabilitation. Our office prepared detailed submissions and supporting evidence which demonstrated that this applicant maintains a stable and productive lifestyle and is not at risk of further criminality.

Following review of the rehabilitation application, CIC called him in for an interview at the visa office. We worked with the applicant to prepare for this interview, which ultimately led to a successful result. With the application for rehabilitation approved, he is one step closer to coming to Canada.

Successful Express Entry Ontario Nomination

We assisted a client in submitting an application under the new Ontario Provincial Nominee – Human Capital Priorities Steam, shortly after the category was opened in the summer of 2015.  The client had received a notification of Interest in their Express Entry profile.

This application was recently approved and a Nomination Certificate issued. This Nomination Certificate increased our clients score by an additional 600 points under the Express Entry profile. With his increased score, we expect that he will receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence in the next Express Entry round of invitations.

Overcoming a Medical Inadmissibility

We were recently successful in assisting our client’s family in overcoming a medical inadmissibility finding for a dependent. Had the dependent been found to be medically inadmissible, the entire family would be rendered inadmissible as well.

Initially, the permanent residence application was filed under the Investor Program which was in effect at the time. With the expectation of the the Investor Program to be fazed out, we presented an application to the Federal Court. The intention for the application was to compel Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to process the application prior to the law changing. The strategy was successful and the application was processed.

However, before finalizing the application, CIC found that one of the dependents was determined to require social services. These were expected to result in an excessive demand. We assisted in advocating for the family on the appropriate medical classification of the condition, as well as providing a detailed Mitigation Plan and legal submissions to overcome CIC’s determination. Following the Visa and Medical Officers’ review(s) of the submissions and Plan, CIC deemed the plan to avoid the creation of excessive demand to be a viable one.


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