December 27, 2017

Tips for driving safely in harsh weather conditions this Winter

Posted by Fabiola Arevalo - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Once it snows, it automatically becomes hard to see the designated driving lanes and what is in front of you. Driver’s need to stay as safe as possible in winter conditions as they need to be knowledgeable about how to properly maintain safety standards.

Firstly, you should have winter tires when driving on ice and snow, ensure that they have enough air and maintain a safe distance between the car in front of you.

Do not speed, and go well under the speed limit when weather conditions are rough, such as black ice or a heavy snowfall. Blizzards and drifting snow can make it hard to see what is in front of you and going too fast on snow and ice could make you lose control. Speed limits are for ideal conditions – dry weather, good visibility and low traffic volume.

Keep in mind that even if your vehicle has All-Wheel Drive (AWD), this doesn’t mean that your tires automatically have more grip, it means that your vehicle can accelerate more efficiently on low-friction surfaces.

Watch out for black ice. You may not always see the ice beforehand but it is usually found on bridges, overpasses and shady spots where the pavement is very cold. If you do hit black ice, do not slam on your brakes as this increases your chances of losing control. You should remain calm, and slow down gradually.

Make sure you have lots of windshield washer fluid as you do not want to run out of this on the highway. Make sure your car is full and also keep extra in your trunk in case of an emergency.

Lastly, check the weather reports so that you can plan ahead. There are many different apps that you can check to ensure the route you will be taking is the safest one, such as google maps or waze.

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