February 16, 2018

Toronto has been ranked the 13th wealthiest city in the world!

Posted by Fabiola Arevalo - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Toronto sits on a list of the most affluent cities in the world thanks to a South Africa-based market research firm that specializes in global wealth migration called New World Wealth (NWW). According to their 2018 Global Wealth Migration Review released this month, Toronto is the 13th wealthiest city on earth.

Total wealth, as defined by NWW, refers to “the private wealth held by all individuals living in each city”. This list only includes assets like property, cash, equities and business interests of Torontonians with assets of $1 million USD or more. Government funds are explicitly excluded from the agency’s reports.

See below for the 15 wealthiest cities in the world:

1. New York (US$3.0 trillion)
2. London (US$2.7 trillion)
3. Tokyo (US$2.5 trillion)
4. San Francisco Bay Area (US$2.3 trillion)
5. Beijing (US$2.2 trillion)
6. Shanghai (US$2.0 trillion)
7. Los Angeles (US$1.4 trillion)
8. Hong Kong (US$1.3 trillion)
9. Sydney (US$1.0 trillion)
10. Singapore (US$1.0 trillion)
11. Chicago (US$988 billion)
12. Mumbai (US$950 billion)
13. Toronto (US$944 billion)
14. Frankfurt (US$912 billion)
15. Paris (US$860 billion)

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