May 17, 2016

Toronto Makes its Mark as the World’s Most Diverse City!

Posted by Fabiola Arevalo - Bellissimo Law Group PC

As you walk through Toronto’s busy streets, you may notice something unique about the city that many of us call home. Each part of it tells a story and carries with it distinct aspects of a diverse culture. Spadina Avenue is lined with fruit markets and is also known as China Town. Head over to the east, and you’ll find plenty of Souvlaki in Greek Town, while going North to College Street will lead you to copious amounts of canolis in Little Italy.

The best part? All of these cultures coexist and make our city great. Now, the world has taken notice and with that, Toronto was named the most diverse city in the world. Following a study conducted by BBC radio in England, results showed that we have earned the top spot.

To listed to the broadcast and hear it all for yourself, please click here.