March 7, 2022

Ukraine Crisis: CBC Interview with Mr. Bellissimo Regarding Ukrainians Escaping Russian Invasion

Posted by Legal Team - Bellissimo Law Group PC

On February 24, Mario D. Bellissimo was interviewed by CBC News Reporter Lorenda Reddekopp to discuss Canadian efforts in accepting Ukrainian refugees. The situation is dire, and according to some experts, the Russian invasion and its subsequent attacks could displace up to 5 million people.

While immigration is a federal matter, Reddekopp established that provinces share responsibility for immigration. She proceeded to ask Mr. Bellissimo on air about the significant role provinces play in dealing with this issue. “Ultimately, these individuals settle within provinces and communities. When provinces are willing and able, it definitely spurs the momentum and the initiative,” said Mr. Bellissimo.

At the time of the television interview, Mr. Bellissimo was preparing for an emergency staff meeting to consider how best to support Ukrainian families in search of assistance. He noted that Bellissimo Immigration Law Group PC received an immense number of calls thus far, with many people feeling desperate and concerned. Mr. Bellissimo advised the existing backlog of temporary and permanent residency applicants from Ukraine was an immediate first step, “Those are people who have already been vetted, it is easier to move them,” expeditiously.

Mr. Bellissimo also spoke to international and provincial governments determining the number of refugees that can reasonably be absorbed must be ascertained in real time.  Mr. Bellissimo also cautioned about scams that could take advantage of the displaced and praised the immediate actions of both federal and provincial immigration authorities.