October 11, 2013

Restructuring the Temporary Foreign Worker program

Posted by Legal Team - Bellissimo Law Group PC

In the next issue of ImmQuest we discuss the restructuring of the Temporary Foreign Worker program with a focus on a fourteen point analysis of the accuracy of the wage methodology and if it is impediment or imperative for the Canadian economy.

“The new wage methodology is an improvement on the older methodology whereby officers used internal lists to determine whether the wage being offered is consistent with the prevailing wage. It is a genuine attempt to accurately predict the wages within Canada and the federal government should be praised for the effort and the intent to develop a scientific method of determining the wages to be paid to a foreign worker. It can be improved . . .”

“. . . if certain problems highlighted were recognized, the program tweaked and a dispute mechanism established.” The fascinating three part article outlines 14 separate issues created by these changes that highlight relevance and accuracy may still not have been overcome by these changes.

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