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25,000 Syrian Refugees Have Arrived in Canada. What’s Next?

March 9, 2016

admin  On February 27th, 2016, Canada’s Immigration Minister, John McCallum, announced that the 25,000th Syrian refugee had landed in Canada. This number includes both government-sponsored and privately-sponsored refugees. This accomplishment marks the partial fulfillment of Canada’s commitment to assist those fleeing the civil war in Syria. In its campaign, the Liberal government promised to accept 25,000 government-sponsored refugees, in addition to those privately sponsored. To meet this goal, Canada will have to accept approximately 10,000 more government-sponsored Syrian refugees. The government’s plan to resettle Syrian refugees is implemented in five phases,…

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Minister Chris Alexander concludes trip to China

March 27, 2014

adminCanada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander officially brought an end to his trip to China to promote Canada on 24 March 2014. During the visit, the Minister traveled to both Hong Kong and Shanghai to outline the many opportunities for Chinese skilled workers, travellers, business people and students. In Hong Kong, the Minister discussed Canada’s intention for the Economic Action Plan 2014. This plan will replace the Immigrant Investor Program with new pilot programs. Continuing his visit in Shanghai, he discussed with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce issues relating…

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Two more countries added to the list of Designated Countries of Origin (DCOs)

May 30, 2013

adminPosted by: Fabiola Arevalo Minister Jason Kenney announced today that the list of Designated Countries of Origin (DCOs) is expanding to include Chile and South Korea. There are now a total of 37 countries in the designated countries list. Click here to view the list. DCOs are democratic countries that offer state protection, have active human rights and civil society organizations, and do not normally produce refugees. “Canada’s new asylum system is providing protection to genuine refugees more quickly, while removing unfounded claimants from the country faster,” said Minister Kenney….

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