May 30, 2013

Two more countries added to the list of Designated Countries of Origin (DCOs)

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Posted by: Fabiola Arevalo

Minister Jason Kenney announced today that the list of Designated Countries of Origin (DCOs) is expanding to include Chile and South Korea.

There are now a total of 37 countries in the designated countries list. Click here to view the list.

DCOs are democratic countries that offer state protection, have active human rights and civil society organizations, and do not normally produce refugees.

“Canada’s new asylum system is providing protection to genuine refugees more quickly, while removing unfounded claimants from the country faster,” said Minister Kenney. “The ability to designate countries is a key part of the new system, which has proven to be successful as claims from designated countries of origin have decreased by 91 percent when compared to the same time period over the last six years.”

Under the new asylum system, all eligible claimants from designated countries will continue to receive a full and fair hearing within 30-45 days. Claimants from non-designated countries receive a hearing within 60 days. Failed claimants from designated countries may still appeal to the Federal Court to review a negative decision; however, they do not have access to the newly-created Refugee Appeal Division at the IRB.

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