Consultations Testimonials

Talked to Mario D Bellissimo last year in Feb 2021 when my mothers TRV was refused. Found him very knowledgeable and the very thing that stood out was that he knew about my community and told me an underlying reason for this refusal. However, he gave us some options and we decided to try our luck with Super Visa for my mother as she wanted to come and meet me. Unfortunately, it was refused again in Dec 2021 and it seems that  the Visa Officer did not have a look at our documents and explanations. With a heavy heart, I went back to Mario Bellissimo and he was joined by Ally (associate lawyer) who told us that we are not done here and are ready to take it for JD as this might be a good option. Ally went through the whole consultation and she was good at it. Mr. Mario answered the questions I had during my consultation. I would suggest that before the meeting come prepared and write all your questions you need to ask.

I had some more questions after my call got over which I took to Fabiola and she was quick to confirm those from the lawyer.

As far as their fee is concerned I think it varies case to case and is not unreasonable compared to other law firms. Once you do consultation they will be able to quote their fee.

I decided to go with BLG because I take my comfort from the very fact that Mario Bellissimo is a specialist and there are only handful of CS out there. I put my trust behind him and his team. I am happy so far with BLG and I hope they will be able to take up this fight to the very end and try their best to get things working in our way with their expertise. God Willing !

Shoaib Q.

Bellisimo Law Group and its attorneys gave me an excellent service and empathy in the first virtual meeting. I recommend them with my closed eyes.

Donato C.

Bellissimo Law Group are professional beyond measure, they take the hardest immigration cases and handle them with the highest attention to detail, and to customer service.

Rafaat R.

I spoke to an attorney regarding my Canadian citizenship and I found them to be very knowledgeable and helpful. Was well worth it!

Janet S.

I had a great consultation with Mr. Bellissimo. He was on time for the appointment and explained everything in detail. I was so impressed with his knowledge that I started my process right away.

Vik S.

I have contacted with them regarding our visa application and they responded to my queries immediately. They allow me a short conversation without paying them anything and thereafter they gave me 30 minutes’ time by a consultation fee. The lawyer I spoke to seems professional, informative, and very friendly.

Mohammad P.

I am based in India and consulted them for my complex immigration issue telephonically. Right from fixing the appointment to imparting advice was done very professionally. I was extremely satisfied with the answers to my queries and appreciated their suggestions and esteemed advice. Throughout the conversation, I did not feel that they were rushing through and they very patiently addressed my queries and doubts. I would strongly recommend Bellissimo Law Group.

Rajendra D.

Incredibly impressed with the attention to detail, from the initial call to begin the process until the consultation, it was top caliber service. Very knowledgeable and courteous staff and the consultant was patient and attentive to make sure I understood everything. I learned so much in a short period.

If you need help with immigration, this is the firm to call, don’t fall for the gimmicky firms that just try to get you through the door.

Vince D.

Was able to give creditable and professional advice. Very patient and I consider the best resource for all questions concerning immigration. Very responsive, as well. Highly recommend!

This I.

Ms. Alexandra was great. She is caring, pays genuine heed to your problems, and strives at coming up with solutions. I’ve also been helped by Ms. Simran and I must appreciate the service I’ve received from her.

Raqib M.