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Consultations Testimonials

Extremely professional and honest lawyer group. I would recommend them to anyone!


Great service! I had a lot of questions prepared and Viola answered each and every one of them articulately and concisely. I definitely recommend Bellissimo!

Ryan C.

They’re very professional and the advice was given 100% accurate. The lawyer Justin Toh didn’t rush at all. He took the time to answer all our questions in details. I’m very happy with their service.

Shah A.

Very professional and very informative on the phone. Good to see that it is not all about money and more about relationship building. Highly recommended. Thank you!

Atabak A.

Very Honest- I had booked a consultation with Mr. Bellissimo to discuss my spouse’s case. The gentleman told me he wouldn’t recommend going forward with the application process as it might put other things at stake. He could have easily earned a couple of thousand dollars but he didn’t. He asked me to wait for the right time when things are a little settled.

Harpreet S.

I would say that this is a very honest law firm. Truth hurts at times of desperation, but it’s always better to be upfront than to get set someone up to fail. I have a lot of respect for this law firm. If you are looking for an honest law firm to represent you than I strongly recommend Bellissimo law group! I look forward to them representing me when the time is right

Jorge A.