Consultations Testimonials

My wife and I have been using the services of Bellissimo Law Group for only a short period of time but have been very impressed so far. Our initial contact was Ms. Simran Sra, and she was very friendly and helpful in finding the right resources in the organization for our needs. Ms. Natalia Borkowska, the Team Lead in Accounting and Administration was very thorough in explaining the services and associated costs, which were very reasonable. Mr. Justin Toh, the lawyer assigned to our case was very professional and reviewed the steps that needed to be taken by him and his team in researching the law as applies to our situation. We look forward to continuing the process with this organization and feel confident in the successful conclusion.

Konstantin L.

I received prompt attention when I first called The Bellissimo Law Group. So far, I am impressed.

Godfrey O.

I had the pleasure of a call with one of their lawyers. They did their research prior and provided in-depth feedback. Chy was great, she was on time, actually earlier. She answered all my questions, offered various options for my case, kept probing for different avenues. A five-star rating from my interaction and a stellar performance from Chy (Hope I got the spelling right)

Robin M.

We had an excellent meeting with both Michelle and Mario, where we were treated with respect and they did their very best to help us. Whilst the answer was not we were hoping for, it became clear that they would fight to get us the best result possible. To be highly recommended.

John S.

Extremely professional and honest lawyer group. I would recommend them to anyone!


Great service! I had a lot of questions prepared and Viola answered each and every one of them articulately and concisely. I definitely recommend Bellissimo!

Ryan C.

They’re very professional and the advice was given 100% accurate. The lawyer Justin Toh didn’t rush at all. He took the time to answer all our questions in details. I’m very happy with their service.

Shah A.

Very professional and very informative on the phone. Good to see that it is not all about money and more about relationship building. Highly recommended. Thank you!

Atabak A.

Very Honest- I had booked a consultation with Mr. Bellissimo to discuss my spouse’s case. The gentleman told me he wouldn’t recommend going forward with the application process as it might put other things at stake. He could have easily earned a couple of thousand dollars but he didn’t. He asked me to wait for the right time when things are a little settled.

Harpreet S.

I would say that this is a very honest law firm. Truth hurts at times of desperation, but it’s always better to be upfront than to get set someone up to fail. I have a lot of respect for this law firm. If you are looking for an honest law firm to represent you than I strongly recommend Bellissimo law group! I look forward to them representing me when the time is right

Jorge A.