Work / Study / Visit Testimonials

Bellissimo Law Group is absolutely the best professional firm a person can wish for. They assisted me since my first work permit renewal, back in 2017, guiding me through all the process (my wife came after a few months). It has been a long journey, from there, to our PR status, which has been confirmed a few days ago. We are very grateful for all the work the firm has done.

We were personally assisted by Michelle. She’s professional and well-prepared. She has been a true guide through this long journey. All members of Bellissimo Law Group are excellent professionals. We strongly recommend this firm. I want to quote an old advertising sign of the firm that I saw a few years ago, and it is well impressed in my mind: “Stop worrying; start Living!”

Alex Z.

They were great! We had a hard case in front of us, but they were thorough with our filing. We were able to get the student visa we were after within 45 days, which is well ahead of expected. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Jesse D.

I would like to thanks Bellissimo Law Group and all the staff worked on my case. Their professionalism and dedication helped me to get a provincial nomination. Within a short time,  their legal staff followed with me closely to collect all details and information to build my case. Thank you again for making my dream comes true.

Ahmed A.

Bellissimo Law Group is very trustworthy and professional. Ms. Thomas and Ms. Gniadek were helping me on my PGWP application. And I have successfully received my PGWP recently.

Fannie L.

I have had the pleasure of being represented by Bellissimo Law Firm, for over a year for an extremely complicated immigration issue and the outcome was beyond fantastic. I can’t recommend a better law firm. I was unfairly denied a tourist visa to Canada 3 times, and as everyone knows a tourist visa is not a right but a privilege and thus I had very little hope in ever obtaining one. I spoke to 3 law firms in Canada who refused to take my case before I consulted with BLG and spoke to Mr. Mario Bellisimo himself who listened to me for hours and told me that he agrees how unfair this was and took my case promising to do all he can to help me. I have dealt with so many lawyers all over the world and never have I experienced more intelligent , professional, punctual and more friendly lawyers than the team at BLG. They are the best at what they do, they always answer emails instantly , make the time if you need them suddenly, and just over all perfect I do not have one negative experience with them. My case went over a year in total and they never forgot a minor detail, it’s like they took it to heart and made it their own. After a long battle, with visa submissions and federal court, and preparations for interviews , I got my Canadian tourist visa and for 9 years ! I know this would have never happened if it wasn’t for this amazing law firm and I thank god for them everyday.

Mariam Z.

About 2 years ago I was refused entry at the border of Canada (I’m from the middle east), for different reasons (I was unemployed at the time, I had not travel plan, I said that I’m considering to study in Canada but didn’t know anything about education institutes in Canada, etc).After talking with 6-7 immigration consultants, and many lawyers, I got to the conclusion that the best chance I have is with Bellissimo. Also got recommendations from Canadian friends, other lawyers, etc, most recommended Bellissimo. After consulting with maybe 10 professionals, I understood my chances to win this case are very low, and I was prepared to go to court and appeal (in case my visa request will be refused). Also I understand that although my case is not the “hardest case” in the world (not criminal or something like that), it’s hard enough for a serious law firm, and will be (the case) too much for a single immigration consultant.I contacted Bellissimo, and paid for consultation call with a lawyer. The lawyer (Bellissimo), was very emphatic, and explain me in details all the problems with the case, my chances, and most of what I needed to know at the time. I’ve decided to take Bellissimo services for my case. It took many months of serious work, on my side and their side (some of the delays were from my side). Bellissimo told me in different opportunities that my chances are extremely slim. I got the feeling that (not sure if it was said clear-cut) they suggest I’ll drop the case, and they don’t want to waste my money (not sure if they said it in those words, but I got the feeling they think it’s pointless). I know for sure that Mario Bellissimo himself was involved in my case as well. Most of my work was with Michelle, senior immigration consultant. Michelle is THE MOST perfectionist person I met in my life!!!”Good” was not enough for her… She told me to do every task 5 times, till it will be perfect!! It was VERY hard work for me, and I’m sure for her as well, so many papers to work on, so many explanations to give, it was very exhausting, but at the end, it seems the very hard work paid off!!I got my student visa!! Michelle, Mr. Bellissimo thank you very much for not giving up on me!!! If you’re looking for someone who’s ready to fight HARD for you (with your hard work), Bellissimo are the right people!! Before I started the process, I assumed Bellissimo will take 5 times more money than an immigration consultant. They didn’t. Their price was a bit more than an immigration consultant. For me, the bottom line is what counts. At the bottom line, I got my visa, which means they did a very very good!! I’ve uploaded a receipt I paid them (after censoring some of the personal info) Michelle, Mr. Bellissimo, thank you for your hard work!!!

James R.

I was having problems with my PR application because my first work here in Toronto was not deducting taxes on my pay checks. Thus, I wasn’t given a T4 for that particular work. I know I will have a problem with my PR application since that document is essential to prove your work experience here in Canada. When I met up with Chi for my initial appointment, I mentioned to her about that issue. She said they can help prove that my work with that company was legit and we will help file a CRA ruling to determine if that particular work was considered a self-employment or a full-time work. I met up with 4 lawyers, and she was the first one who recommended that to me. I was then convinced that they can help me with my application. I did my Express Entry profile but Maria took over once I received my invitation to apply. The process wasn’t perfect, but she did an excellent job with my application. After 20 days since they submitted my application, Chi sent an email saying that my PR application was approved. I was so shocked and happy at the same time. I couldn’t believe it only took 20 days for CIC to approve my PR application. Definitely made the right decision to let Bellissimo Law Group help me with my PR application.

Glorianne V.

Bellissimo Law Group was the answer that I was looking for when my work permit renewal got denied and only had 90 days to fix everything. They patiently worked with us right from the beginning, explained to us every single aspect of my case without any sugar coating and gave us all our possible options to come up with the necessary solution. I never lost confidence with their services through out the entire application and processing period and will definitely use their services again in the future if needed. Thanks again BLG! — HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Emman P.

It was a complicated and hard to succeed case with many divergent paths that increased its uncertainty…Some of the lawyers whom we contacted prior to Bellissimo Law Group were straight enough to say the odds are minimal and we should instead proceed to a standard route like Express Entry. The consultation with Violetta Gniadek instilled a hope and with the help of Chi-Young Lee and Maria Kogay we embarked upon a tough job. In six months the family has successfully relocated to Canada. The fact speaks for itself… Truly recommend!


I have been trying to obtain temporary resident visa to Canada for several years with no success. I and my family wanted to visit my mother who I have not seen for a long time.

I have got three refusals and almost lost hope of getting visa at any time in the future. Nevertheless, I decided to get help from Bellissimo as a last resort.

Chi-Young Lee who was my representative gave me valuable advices regarding documents that were necessary to submit to the embassy, so that the officer would be satisfied that immigration rules will not be violated by me and I will leave Canada upon expiration of my visa.

Finally, our application was approved and I and my son got temporary residents visas.

I appreciate very much professionalism and kind attitude of all Bellissimo staff worked on my case.

Aleksandra N.