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Hi Viola,

I used Bellissimo Law Group`s service for my wife`s visa. I am very satisfied with their services and professionalism. They have deep understanding of Canadian Immigration System. My wife got approved and I am very thankful to Bellissimo Law Group for reuniting my family.

Rushi P.

My wife has received an approval letter (through email) for work permit from Canadian High Commission, New Delhi.

We both would like to thank you and all the BLG team members for uniting us. BLG is one of the few organisations who has maintained ethics, values, and dedication toward clients.


In 2012 I applied twice for an LMO through two different lawyers, both times it got rejected after paying such high fees.

Then I went to Bellissimo Law Group, they checked each and every detail of my case so there would be no loop holes left in my case.

In 40 days I got my approved LMO. They charged me $1000 less compare to the other lawyers and they did double the hard work.

My special thanks to Brankica, she did an excellent job.

All I can say is Bellisimo Law Group is the best.

Kuldeep Blaser

We heard that to get visa to Canada was very challenging, but didn’t expect to face multiple refusals for my mother–in-law and my sister-in-law

We were shocked! My 2 kids were very upset that they couldn’t see their grandmother and their aunt.

In September 2012 we were referred to Bellissimo Law Group as professionals in immigration law.

We worked with Michelle Boeriu and Brankica Jakovlevski. They worked very professionally! They paid lots of attention to the details and were very organized!

By Christmas 2012 we received great news from the Consulate! My mother-in-law and my sister-in-law got their visas! We were very happy!

Thank God and thank you so much to Michelle and Brankica and the whole team at Bellissimo Law Group!

We would definitely recommend Bellissimo Law Group to anyone with immigration issues.

Andrey R.

“Due to a criminal conviction some years ago, I found myself ineligible to enter Canada to take up a new job. Mario Bellissimo and his team ably and efficiently helped myself and my partner to prepare an application for temporary residency in Canada, as well as applications for work permits, a process that was significantly more complex than we initially expected. The expertise and knowledge of Mr. Bellissimo proved invaluable to our case, as did his ability to intervene directly on our behalf with CIC staff and offices. As a result of the hard work of Mr. Bellissimo and his staff, we were granted permission to enter and work in Canada, and have since both taken up exciting new positions here in Canada. We were extremely pleased with the service we received from all at Ormston, Bellissimo, Rotenberg.”

Dr. Ian Ross, Victoria, B.C

“I met my fiancee online through a website for single parents. She is from Colombia. I thought that it would be a fairly simple matter to get her to visit Canada. I was wrong. After 3 months of dating online I applied for a visitor visa for her to come to Canada. I followed the instructions as they appear on the Canadian Immigration website. Her visa was refused. I could not believe it. It was at that point that I asked a friend, who worked in the legal publishing field, to recommend an immigration lawyer. Mario Bellissimo was highly recommended for his thorough knowledge and no-nonsense approach. The world of immigration lawyers is quite varied – from neon signs above stores in strip malls in the suburbs to fancy offices downtown. It’s easy to get lost in that world. What struck me about Mr. Bellissimo, when we first met, was his openness and candour. He told me that it would not be easy, and that it would require patience and determination. He clearly explained the process and discussed in detail various approaches. What followed was an exhaustive request for relevant documents for the visa application, documents that, quite frankly, I would have never considered. My Case Director, Keely Anderson, was relentless in her request for medical, legal, financial documents of every sort from both me and my fiancee. No stone was left unturned, from ensuring that legal stamps from Colombia were present on every document, to ensuring that they were officially translated into English from Spanish. The process took weeks, but the file was astounding in its scope. After various challenges, a concerted effort and the relentless pursuit of my legal team we finally obtained the visa. A few weeks later my visa was finally issued and my fiancee came to visit me in Canada. Now I am working closely with Mario and Keely for the remaining steps. Throughout this process the entire OBR team was creative, determined and completely professional. I felt that they were “in my corner” so to speak, from the get-go. I am so glad that they were with me these past months.”

Sincerely, P.D.