October 3, 2011

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Federal Court of Appeal Reserves on the Sapru case

One of the key arguments placed before the Court in Sapru is that as a matter of both procedural fairness and common sense Medical Officers must provide Immigration Officers with adequate reasons for determining that the Fairness Response did or did not affect the initial medical opinion.

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Preventing Trafficking, Abuse and Exploitation of Vulnerable Immigrants Act

As featured in this month’s issue of Immquest: ‘The sheer scope of the legislation is ambitious and many questions must be explored.  What are the underlying assumptions as to the persons who have been trafficked – victim or co-conspirator?  Should they be dealt with differently at law?  If not, does a uniform approach to all persons be they victim or party result in desired or unintended consequences?  Will the legislation serve as a deterrent to traffickers and/or vulnerable persons before entry?  Will the scope of the new measures ever reach the ears of those it seeks to deter? Or will the information be easily manipulated to those most disadvantaged to continue to serve traffickers?  In other words, will the purported changes meet its target, act as a deterrent and will it have an immediate impact or will it take years?

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From a Client’s Perspective

A new feature for Immquest consisting of brief interviews with foreign nationals and/or permanent residents relaying their experiences navigating the immigration maze. In our upcoming issue we feature a client who finally obtained permanent residence after many years and holds a prestigious position with a Canadian company.

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February 15th, 2011: “Effective Advocacy for Immigration Lawyers”

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February 8th, 2011: “Counsel Evening Session – Top 10 Cases Panel”

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Vol. I, Issue V, January 2011

In This Issue:

1. Case of the Month: Sapru Medical Case.
2. Proposed Anti-Trafficking Legistration.
3. From a Client’s Perspective.
4. FAQ: Misrepresentation.
5. Flash Updates: Courts & Tribunals.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: My brother used a local immigration consultant in India for an application to immigrate to Canada. Last winter he was told by the consultant that his case was approved. As nothing followed, I recently inquired through my local MP of Canada about his file status, he informed me that my brother’s case was in fact refused and he is barred to apply again for two years. This supposedly is due to the fact that he did not respond to the visa office’s request to update and provide correct information. He was never told about any request for updates and never responded. What can he do now?

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