Our Recent Immigration Success Stories

At BLG we are privileged to work on behalf of many wonderful people, companies and associations. We represent immigration applicants from far outside Canada from the time they step foot into the country’s airport waiting rooms all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Our immigration clients often tell us after their case is concluded it would have helped to know of similar stories that are real and not just what you hear on the street. So every month we post a few stories to celebrate our immigration success stories and offer some comfort to those who will soon embark on a similar journey…

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12 Sep 2018

Husband Reunited with Wife and Daughter

A man who was sponsored to Canada by his wife was refused permanent residence on the basis of his criminal record. They retained our office for the appeal of this decision before the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD). There, we presented our research and submissions on criminal equivalency, arguing that the husband was not actually inadmissible for criminality. This involved research into the criminal laws of the foreign jurisdiction, understanding the nature of the offence committed, and Canadian criminal and immigration law.

Ultimately, the IAD was persuaded and this family will soon be reunited in Canada.

5 Sep 2018

Mexican Refugee gets Second Chance at Refugee Hearing

By Order of the Federal Court, our client will have a second opportunity to present their circumstances to the Refugee Protection Division. The Board Member denying our client’s claim for protection determined that she had not done enough to obtain the protection of the Mexican government. The Member concluded that had she sought state protection on more occasions, that Mexico would have been able to provide the protection sought.

We prepared extensive written argumentation in advance of the Federal Court hearing. After oral arguments, a Judge accepted our submission that the Board Member had not considered all of the evidence before him, and that in doing so the Member acted in a manner which was procedurally unfair.

29 Aug 2018

Second Sponsorship Approved

After our client’s first application to sponsor his Chinese wife was refused because an officer determined their relationship to not be genuine, our office was retained to provide assistance. After reviewing their application, we advised that they discontinue their appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division and, instead, submit a second sponsorship application.

Our office prepared this new application for permanent residence, addressing the past officer’s concerns in our submissions. Some 16 months later, they are paying the Right of Permanent Residence Fee and she will soon be joining her husband in Canada.

22 Aug 2018

Minor Granted Refugee Protection

Recently, a young man from the Caribbean was granted protection as a Convention refugee. Only after coming to Canada and finding safety with a family member here did he disclose the violence he faced in his home. The police, rather than help a runaway returned him to his home. His family in Canada fought for him to be able to stay with them in safety.

With very little documentary evidence to corroborate his claim for protection, our office worked with him to prepare him to give testimony before the Refugee Protection Division. At the end of the hearing, he was found to be credible and the Board Member granted his claim for protection.