Our Recent Immigration Success Stories

At BLG we are privileged to work on behalf of many wonderful people, companies and associations. We represent immigration applicants from far outside Canada from the time they step foot into the country’s airport waiting rooms all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Our immigration clients often tell us after their case is concluded it would have helped to know of similar stories that are real and not just what you hear on the street. So every month we post a few stories to celebrate our immigration success stories and offer some comfort to those who will soon embark on a similar journey…

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8 Mar 2017

Sponsorship Granted Despite Criminal Inadmissibility Finding

We assisted a person who was being sponsored to Canada under Common-Law Spouse Class. After the application was submitted, the applicant was charged and subsequently convicted of a criminal offence in Canada. The applicant was therefore facing a refusal due to criminal inadmissibility. We were pleased to learn that after our extensive submissions, IRCC granted status to the applicant under humanitarian and compassionate grounds!

1 Mar 2017

Permanent Residence Granted Despite Criminal Inadmissibility Finding

We were recently successful on a permanent residence application that had been previously refused for criminal inadmissibility. Following careful and extensive research, it was discovered that the applicant may have been incorrectly identified as inadmissible. As such, a new application was filed together with detailed and strong submissions in connection with the applicant’s admissibility to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. This ultimately resulted in the applicant receiving permanent residence!

22 Feb 2017

Extensive Submissions Grant Settlement Offer for Inadmissibility Finding

We were happy to receive another settlement offer from the Department of Justice on a Federal Court matter scheduled for judicial review. Following receipt of our arguments, which highlighted a number of errors in the Visa Officer’s decision to refuse the application, the Department of Justice agreed to settle the matter and have the application redetermined by a different Officer. This is excellent news for our client, who was found to be inadmissible to Canada on problematic grounds.

15 Feb 2017

Submissions Grant Study Permit Despite Past Refusals

This week’s featured success story includes that of a young man who had previously submitted five separate study permit applications, all of which had been denied over the course of three years. With the help of our immigration team, our office was able to successfully challenge the negative decision at Federal court.  With our assistance, our client was recently issued his visa to travel to Canada and subsequent study permit to begin his studies.