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Can We Sponsor Our Sick Brother?

Q. My youngest brother who is 51 years old lives in Trinidad and has Downs Syndrome. He lived with my oldest brother who recently passed away, so now he is alone and unable to take care of himself. We have made temporary arrangements for a caregiver to stay with him.

I live in Toronto, and so do two of our brothers. We have our own houses and have good paying jobs. We would like to have our brother come to Canada as a permanent resident so that we can take care of him. Are we able to sponsor him? As he is the last surviving member of our family still living in Trinidad, what are his chances of coming to Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds? Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

A. Unfortunately, you are not alone in this situation. While there is a provision in the law allowing somebody who lives in Canada alone and has no other relatives to sponsor one of his/her relatives from overseas, the law does not have any provision regarding the vice-versa situation, when your relative is alone in your home country. As your brother has the Downs Syndrome, he is most likely inadmissible to Canada. The avenue that you all three brothers must take is, as you have already done, hire a permanent caregiver in your home country, to take care of your brother, as the chances to bring him here are very low, if not non-existent. Of course, you may try the humanitarian path as well, but for overseas

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