September 25, 2010

Changes Working? Skilled Worker Backlog is Decreasing

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

As I wrote earlier, the government is working on fundamental improvements to the regulation of immigration consultants, new citizenship legislation and the Live in Caregiver program. Significant changes to the foreign worker guidelines introduced caps on the period of time a person may remain on a work permit and penalties for employers who exploit foreign labour. The investor program has been on hold and the current occupation list for skilled workers had been reduced to 28 from in excess of 700 occupations.

It appears as it relates to the Skilled Worker Program based on recent comments by Minister Kenney the changes appear to be working. The Minister reports a 40 percent reduction in the old backlog of 640,000 people waiting to come through that category. The number of changes to the law is staggering. Persons working through the system must be more wary than ever not to rely on outdated information or programs. Buyer Beware!