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Cheap and Easy IS NOT the way to go

Q. My cousin reads your articles in Canada. I was told by the person helping me with my case in Canada who charged me little that my immigration papers are ready to be finalized. It has only been four month. I am very excited to get my permanent residency. I must however deposit $35,000.00 CDN in an account operated by him to complete the process. When I come to Canada the money will be returned. Do you how long it will be before the money is returned?

A. Unfortunately I believe you may be taken advantage of by this person. I do not know of any program that works in this way unless your facts are wrong. I worry you may not receive your papers or your money back. Is this person a lawyer or certified immigration consultant? Have you signed a services agreement? Have you seen any letters from Immigration Canada? Think long and hard before you entrust your immigration case to just anyone. One of the hats I wear is immigration counsel for COSTI Immigration Services – one of the largest Immigration Settlement Services in all of Canada. I volunteer my time to see as many immigration and refugee applicants/claimants that time allows. I am to this day, after many years of hearing the same story, still surprised by how many people fall for the old marketing pitch: “This can be done cheap and easy – no worries!” In fairness to people though, they want to realize their dreams, money is not always available and we all want to hear that it will be easier rather than more difficult. That what we hear about how complicated, how long and how difficult it may be is not our case but someone else who is not lucky enough to meet the person sitting before me – the person who will make my immigration dreams come – cheap and easy! Buyer beware – cheap and easy IS NOT the way to go! What you describe sounds very suspicious. For more info visit my website.

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