April 10, 2012

CIC Intends to Create a New Skilled Trades Program

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Minister Jason Kenney announced today that Citizenship and Immigration Canada has plans to create a new skilled trades program which will make it easier for skilled tradespersons to immigrate to Canada. Skilled trades include occupations in construction, transportation, manufacturing and service industries.

Currently Federal Skilled Worker Applicants are being assessed against a 100-point grid, with a minimum requirement of 67 points. Most criteria’s in the FSW grid have traditionally favored professionals and managers, as a result, skilled tradesperson only make up 3 percent of all FSWs entering Canada.  Skilled tradespersons are in high demand in Canada mainly in the natural resources and construction sectors.

The proposed FSWP Skilled Trades Program would assess applicants based on their practical training and work experience rather than formal education. Skilled trade applicants will, however, need to meet minimum language requirements.

Further details about the Skilled Trades program and the revised FSWP are expected to be announced later this year.