October 12, 2011

Cost of Immigration Court Cases . . .

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Fighting a negative citizenship & immigration decision as well as refugee cases obviously costs money to cover legal fees, research, filing fees, photocopying & all the related disbursements.  Costs vary depending upon the complexity of the case and as a whole in the world of law compared to civil cases, family and criminal matters for the most part immigration lawyers work on limited budgets given many clients’ resources. If a client is on legal aid the budget is further reduced.

Despite the smaller budgets the cases are no less complex and the budget the government opposing the case has available is inevitably larger than that of the client.  In an interesting article today in the National Post there is discussion of the cost to revoke the citizenship of an individual.  Although this was a large scale case to give you some idea in seeking cost recovery from the client:

  . . . he was given a bill for more than $300,000 – including $223,484 in disbursements, $56,505 in legal fees, $21,015 for a researcher, and more than$10,000 for transcripts and court services and unspecified travel costs for four government lawyers and translation.

Most clients are lucky if they have 1/100th of that budget to work with in challenging a decision! To read the article see;