May 25, 2012

Canada Likely to Close Consulate in Buffalo, N.Y.

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

The federal government has decided to shut down the Canadian consulate in Buffalo, one of Canada’s largest and oldest diplomatic outposts in the United States. The closure is the result of federal budget cuts and a major change to immigration rules.

For many years, foreign students and temporary workers in the Toronto area wanting to extend their stay in Canada have been forced to travel to the Buffalo consulate to apply for the necessary changes to their visas. Now, foreigners wanting to alter their visas will be able to apply and pay the necessary fees online, and if an interview with Canadian officials is necessary, they will be conducted at immigration offices in Canada.

One immigration official says” Our government is saving taxpayers’ money while continuing to provide a high level of service through the use of new technologies.”

Foreign Affairs recently announced it was closing five smaller trade offices in the U.S – Phoenix, Philadelphia, Raleigh, Anchorage and Princeton- as part of its budget-cutting effort to trim $170 million in annual spending.