April 6, 2009

How are we Allowing These People into Canada?

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

This was a question I ran in a blog several months ago and it intensifies when there is a recession. I must have heard it about 10 times in the last two weeks.

Q. Why does it seem that all these illegal immigrants keep getting into the country while good hard working people cannot seem to get in where we need them?

A. Refugees and Immigrants are not the same and do not have to meet the same legal tests to remain the country. Refugee claimants enter Canada on the basis that they fear for their life if they are returned to their country. The majority are refused, many jailed and deported if there is claim is not found credible. Some become landed through other ways (marriage or humanitarian and compassionate applications) but many others are deported. So although certain individuals have a right to enter they may not end up staying!