June 27, 2012

Immigration Appeal Division Update

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

IAD Statistics as of March 31, 2012

6,737 appeals were filed from April 2011 – March 2012.

The IAD experienced a 12% drop in the number of appeals filed in comparison to the previous fiscal year. This is largely attributable to the 18% decrease in sponsorship appeals. Despite this, the intake continues to remain high as removal order appeals are on the rise. Removal order appeals increased nationally by 7% in comparison to the previous fiscal year and by 9% in the Eastern Region. Residency obligation appeals which had previously remained high decreased by 9% nationally this fiscal year.

–          Sponsorship appeals account for 63% of all appeals filed.

–          Removal order appeals accounted for 23%

–          Residency obligation appeals accounted for 13%

The majority of appeals are filed in the Central Region therefore it has the largest pending IAD inventory. It received 46% of filed appeals while the Eastern and Western Regions both received 27% each.

There was a significant downward trend in mediated ADR resolutions – 10% less in this fiscal year than the last. The IAD is working on implementing new streaming guidelines for ADR and consulting with CBSA at the regional and national levels to ensure the optimal use of mediation processes to achieve resolutions.

At the end of April 2012, the total number of appeals awaiting decision before the IAD was 11,413 (this includes 1882 decisions where a stay of removal has been ordered but a final review is pending). The average processing time for appeals decreased to 11.3 months for the 2011-2012 fiscal year from 11.4 months in 2010-2011.