February 15, 2012

Immigration Updates

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Operational Bulletin 385 – February 13, 2012

Instructions to create a GCMS application for sponsorship of unnamed children to be adopted and sibling adoption applications
This Operational Bulletin (OB) introduces instructions on how to create a file in the Global Case Management System (GCMS) for applications to adopt unnamed children and sibling adoption applications.


Operational Bulletin 325B – February 6, 2012

New 2D bar code Sponsorship Form (IMM 1344)
Effective February 6, 2012, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) launched a new two-dimensional (2D) bar code sponsorship application form entitled Application to Sponsor, Sponsorship Agreement and Undertaking (IMM1344). This form is applicable to both the Spouse or Common-law Partner in Canada class and the Family Class.


Operational Bulletin 383 – February 1, 2012

Introduction of the Downloadable IMM 5455 Supplementary Identification Form
The purpose of this Operational Bulletin (OB) is to introduce a new downloadable version of the Supplementary Identification Form. The Supplementary Identification Form (IMM 5455) is used to collect client information related to the processing of Permanent Residence (PR) Cards.


Operational Bulletin 223-B – February 1, 2012

Expansion of the China Transit Trial – Modified
The purpose of this Operational Bulletin is to advise officers of a change to the China Transit Trial (CTT) pilot program.
The one year CTT has been expanded on February 1, 2012, to include Air China. Chinese foreign nationals who meet the above criteria can transit Canada at either VIA or PIA without obtaining a temporary resident visa until September 30, 2012.