January 9, 2012

Investor Class FAQ

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Why is the federal government taking more than 21 months toissue medical instructions after CSQ when all they have to do is security andmedical checks? How could they check medicals if they do not issue instructionsto have them conducted? How can security Checks be done if they are notinitiated?

CIC’s response:

During the past 2 months for all points of services abroad,80% of Investors destined to Quebec were processed within 16 months. Processing includes completion of medical requirements and security checks. Six missions exceeded the 16 month processing times. These were Abu Dhabi (34 months for 80%of the cases), Cairo (24 months for 80% of the cases), Damascus (26 months for 80%of the cases), Rabat (22 months for 80% of the cases), Colombo (33 months for80% of the cases) and Singapore (25 months for 80% of the cases).

Security checks can be lengthy for applicants coming from certain regions of the world.Security checks are conducted by CIC’s partners. For those missions with longer processing times, it would be counterproductive to issue medical instructions too far in advance because the medical results would likely expire before the application is ready for a final decision and a new medical examination would have to be conducted at the applicant’s cost.