November 10, 2010

Is Superman the Greatest Immigrant of All time?

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

In an article I wrote a few years ago I asked -is Superman the greatest immigrant of all time? Superman was introduced to the world in June 1938 and as the fictional story goes he came from another world and became the standard of decency and justice –a welcome immigrant to any nation. In 2010, we tend to focus upon and reward an immigration bureaucracy that locates and prevents entry to the Lex Luthors of immigrants as opposed to facilitating the Supermans of the immigrating world. An under resourced and backlogged system that operates under global scrutiny is the reality of today’s Citizenship and Immigration Department. With hundreds of thousands of applications in queue and roughly only 250,000 – 265,000 new immigrants admitted annually, clearly an immigration law firm navigating through this system is presented with many challenges. How does one then deal with such a formidable institutional bureaucracy operating under such intense scrutiny? Look at how the entry of the masked Chinese refugee claimant has placed the system under scrutiny. Right or wrong this is the reality of the world of immigration in 2010 and the microscope under which we operate. Any gaps in the story, any inconsistency will be and in most cases should be pursued. In a series of blogs I share my thoughts as to how to navigate the immigration maze.