July 23, 2012

Kenney Recieves Backlash for Comments on Gun Violence

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

After tweeting his support in favour of Mayor Rob Ford’s statements on gun violence, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is feeling the heat from many in protest to the seemingly prejudiced statements. However, Kenney claims that his statements are not targeting a certain race or culture, but rather all foreign criminals that initiate gun violence in our city. Ford’s statements included expelling persons convicted of gun crimes out of the city.

Kenney’s tweet was in response to Ford wanting to meet with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on creating tougher gun laws that coincide with immigration so that those involved can be convicted and kept out of the city.

Kenney states that this should lead to foreign gangsters being deported with no delay, in accordance to the Faster Removal portion of Foreign Criminals Act. A spokesperson for Kenney stated that the remarks on Twitter are not just targeted to foreigners being responsible, but all those involved with gun crimes; it is not meant to add stigma to foreigners, but rather to address the removal of criminals faster and more efficiently.

The backlash of the statements comes from the fact that Kenney had no knowledge as to the suspect’s backgrounds, nor whether or not they were foreign criminals. His response was that some members of Canada’s leading gangs have often been foreigners who are able to recommit crimes because they are facing a delay in their deportation. His statements are not meant to single out foreigners, but rather making note of those that are committing serious crimes and moving forward, they will face quick deportation.