September 30, 2022

Bellissimo Law Group PC at CTV’s “Your Morning”: Study Permit Backlogs

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Given the current study permit backlog, Mario D. Bellissimo was invited to speak on CTV’s Your Morning on September 27, 2022.

Pre-COVID-19, the International study program was valued as a 21.6-billion-dollar business and had produced up to 712,000 jobs impacting various stakeholders (government, schools, potential migrants, residents, and citizens alike). Demand for study permits has dramatically increased, particularly for those seeking permanent residence. In 2020, International students made up about 20% of the overall post-secondary enrolments. Now, with the backlog, Canadian universities are warning international students that if they are not in class this week, they best defer.

Click here to watch Mr. Bellissimo’s interview.